Our founder Fred Mécène

First of all, Fred, a professional makeup artist for over 30 years. Sparkling, solar, she is one of the Make-up artists that we can meet during major events. A former model, she learned the fundamentals of make-up over fashion shows. She knew how to put her style and her vision full of sensitivity, on beauty, especially in Cannes International Film Festival, at the annual French Film Trophies ceremony, at the ceremony of lights or by tirelessly accompanying international celebrities for years.

A follower of organic and vegan products in her daily life, Fred naturally felt the need to take care of the people she puts makeup on, often weakened by the impact of chemicals found in conventional beauty products. It seemed obvious to her to make healthy and ethical beauty more accessible, deprived of unwanted ingredients. From her strong intuitions and convictions, she dreams of only one thing: bringing the organic movement back to basics: more natural makeup, quality ingredients and a routine rooted in simplicity. It's a whole philosophy of slow cosmetics put at the service of her art.

« At 57, I reached the Grail of my career by being the first French studio make-up artist to launch an organic and vegan make-up brand," explains Fred. “I unconsciously associated start-ups with younger generations. But on the contrary, through my background, my daughter, and the advice I was able to provide as a Make-up artist, as well as the strong demand from the artistic world, I finally said to myself that it was time to create my brand, which is professional, organic and healthy wAe can combine all these positive characteristics to have really good beauty products ».