- You have matte beige, apricot beige skin with sometimes freckles.

- Your eyes are blue, hazelnut, green, golden brown.

- You have blond to chestnut colored hair.

- You tan or blush before you tan.

Le bio de teint - B01

Organic and vegan fluid foundation for all skin types - 30 ML


Le bio de teint - B01

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Organic and vegan fluid foundation for all skin types - 30 ML

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Choose a natural, no-makeup look with our organic and vegan liquid foundation, Le bio de teint. Made up of 50% organic active ingredients and 99.5% natural ingredients, this non-comedogenic liquid foundation offers customizable coverage while benefiting from the antioxidant, moisturizing, regenerating, and strengthening properties of its organic and natural ingredients.

Enriched with barley stem juice and vegetable oils, our liquid foundation is a concentrated source of benefits for your skin. Its non-comedogenic formula allows you to avoid clogged pores and imperfections, while providing a second-skin effect that is perfect for all seasons.

Our organic and vegan liquid foundation takes care of your skin while enhancing your complexion for a natural, no-makeup look. Discover all the benefits of our product that is respectful of your skin and the environment.

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