Discover the first product from Fred Mécène, an organic, vegan and cruelty free fluid foundation, suitable for all skin types.

About the product







Rich in biological active ingredients

Composed of 50% organic active products and 99.5% natural ingredients, its formulation is Ecocert, Cosmebio, Vegan and Cruelty Free certified. Mainly composed of barley stem water and precious vegetable oils, the fluid foundation has antioxidant, moisturizing, regenerating and strengthening properties. Among its active ingredients, we also count vitamin C for the radiance of the skin and vitamin E, an active ingredient that fights against skin aging. Le bio de teint combines with perfect harmony camelina oil, chamomile oil, evening primrose oil and sunflower seed oil.

ECOCERTCosmos Organic PETA Approved GATP BW COSMEBIO cosmos organic
Our active ingredients

A second skin effect

This unique, rare skincare makeup matches the skin all year round. Its fluid and light texture lets it breathe. The biological combination of plant active ingredients, obtained after more than two years of research, offers an ideal second skin effect treatment throughout the seasons.

5 shades

Anxious to take care of all the beauties, the fluid foundation Le bio de Teint is available in five shades. Its lightness allows it to adapt smoothly to all skin tones and its nourishing base does not require the application of a day cream before use.

What is my shade?

“The secret to any successful makeup is perfectly even and hydrated skin. Everything is based on working on the complexion, where the invisible illuminates the skin to reveal its most beautiful nature. For such a result, it is necessary to develop a formula concentrated in anti-aging and calming active products, with covering power but with lightness. A true alchemy of essential care to perfectly and without excess, meet the needs of the skin. ”

Fred Mécène, founder