The benevolence of natural beauty

A strict label which defines positive criteria for the respect of the environment and the well-being of consumers.

We guarantee clean compositions but also a global ethical approach.

No animal or animal material is present in our products.


Our formulas are developed from natural, vegan ingredients and are exceptionally rich in organic active ingredients.

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Our packaging is eco-responsible, 100% recyclable and reusable.

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Testimonials from our clients

Thank you!

As a naturopath committed to a healthy lifestyle, discovering the B01 organic foundation was a delightful surprise, both gentle on my skin and health. I also gifted one to my sister who is battling breast cancer, and she absolutely loves it. We can't imagine going back.

Lucie – reference Le bio de teint B01


Incredible texture, light coverage just the way I like it, a more youthful complexion, and a brush application that leaves no traces. I highly recommend it. It's among my favorites for 2023. I can't wait for the concealer for under-eye circles. Thank you, Fred.

Eve – reference Le bio de teint B01

The best

I usually don't wear foundation because I fear the "mask" effect. But I have completely embraced this organic foundation, which offers very fine and natural coverage and smells wonderfully. Moreover, it hydrates the skin, unlike other cosmetics that dry it out. Perfect for my combination skin. Congratulations to the creators; it's a marvel.

Clémence – reference Le bio de teint B01

Founder Fred Mécène

“As a professional makeup artist for over 30 years, I naturally felt the need to take care of people who wear makeup daily. My choice quickly turned to organic, vegan products that are gentle on the skin and the environment."

“Fred Mécène is a brand that effectively meets the makeup needs of women and men of all ages. I know the desires of my generation, and my mother understands the demands of more mature skin."

Fred and Gabie, mother-daughter and founders

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Interview magazine Forbes US

Fred Mécène: The First French Makeup Artist To Create Her Own Organic And Vegan Makeup Brand

Allyson Portee, Forbes US editor

cosmetique bio magazine gala

I love makeup, especially foundation. Fred Mécène's B01 organic foundation has a clean composition and delivers a beautiful result!

Kahïna Carina, actress

cosmetique vegan fond de teint magazine entrenous

Frédérique Mécène, a brush expert, has been beautifying stars on both the small and big screens for over 30 years, from the Cannes Film Festival to the Lumières Awards.

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